HiTEC Graduate Programs

HiTEC Graduate Programs

Graduate entrepreneurship education in the NC State Poole College of Management provides students the skills, knowledge, experience and mentorship needed for success in today’s dynamic, technology oriented marketplace. Students may enroll in the Entrepreneurship Technology and Commercialization concentration in the college’s Jenkins MBA program, or earn a TEC Certificate by successfully completing the core courses in this graduate concentration.

HiTEC extends Poole College’s expertise in entrepreneurship education beyond the NC State campus to other colleges and universities in the United States and abroad who have adapted the TEC curriculum for their students, through TECnet.



The Jenkins MBA HiTEC Concentration

The HiTEC concentration, offered through Poole College’s Jenkins MBA program, is open to all graduate students at NC State University. This highly interactive sequence of courses takes student teams through the process of identifying new technologies that have potential for commercialization. They use the time-testing TEC Algorithm to select top candidates from a large number of patents submitted for review by inventors at NC State, the University of North Carolina system, and other sources. The student teams then develop a business plan for one or more of the technologies and present their best option to a gathering of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.



The TEC Certificate

Graduate students - with or without a technology oriented bachelor’s degree - and post-baccalaureates who are not pursuing a graduate degree may apply for the TEC Certificate program to enroll in the HiTEC concentration. Students will work on teams with the graduate students in the HiTEC concentration and, upon successful completion of the coursework, will receive a certificate. Certificate students who apply and are admitted to Poole College’s NC State Jenkins MBA program may apply their TEC Certificate coursework toward their Jenkins MBA course requirements; however, all coursework for the Jenkins MBA program must be completed within six years of starting in the TEC Certificate sequence.